Melbourne International Design Week exhibition, presented by Ideas On Design. Gavin Bufton produced and executed the public exhibition in Melbourne City Square showcasing Australia's design Industry Awards from multiple disciplines and exposing the Victorian winners of each category. Consisting of...


Combining steel frame and lightweight sofa elements, HUB can hover over any lounge setting.


Inspired by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe's classics, we bring you a new foyer chair. Nickle plated steel and wool cushion.


Enlisting designers from around the globe, Pinn-yo is a collaborative project that transcends the boundaries of Gavin Bufton Design.  Not just an ordinary pin, Pinn-yo is produced from etched stainless steel coupled with a neodymium magnet to prevent your clothes...


Designed to expose the natural qualities of wood, Float boasts exquisite detailing through the subtly morphing leg profile.  The full collection can offer solutions from the dining room to the library, each piece carefully assembled and finished for you to...


Bed base utilizing self locking slot mechanism. Produced from CNC machined plywood sheets, Beddo boasts great economy by utilizing 99% of the sheet material.


Sculptural furniture to stretch your body. Move it, play with it, drape over it... Spun stainless steel, with a magnet clad yolk.


Dynamic LED lighting system to soften the mood. Injection molded PC housing, this product has no screws, glue or soldering.


Design based on Gerrit Reitveld's 1918 red & Blue chair. Designed for the modern family, the collection is produced using lacquered birch wood.


machined Aluminium with enameled copper wire wrap.


Five cell toothbrush holder. Glazed porcelain.

VA 6.5

Voca audio's VA series for hardcore audio fanatics. Utilizing high efficiency, Danish drivers and integrally braced MDF cabinets, the VA system delivers a dynamic yet flat response from 35-35,000Hz. The complete system comprised of 6.5" mid-range & 1" high frequency...


Dining and bistro seating for the deserved. Enjoy the clean lines of tube and steel rods.


Outdoor lounge setting to accompany the ROD dining and bistro set. Powder coated steel and glass.


50's renaissance furniture with a twist.


Injection moulded PP ice shot-glass mould. Pour in water, freeze and drink, fast!


A stack-able Chinese dining set exposing the playful side to dining.


Rotationally moulded LLDPE stool.


Park bench and dining set. Powder coated steel and wood construction.


  Necklace showcases jewelry design from an industrial designers perspective.  Creating a piece of jewelry as if it were an industrial product, GID first designed the manufacturing technique, which in turn dictates the aesthetic beauty. Using a non-precious material; aluminium,...


Commissioned by Saudi dentist Dr.Mohammad Saeed, GID developed dental implants to assist the patients’ recovery and long-term bone restructure from dental implant surgery.  Proprietary design and finishing promotes rapid healing and greater bone adhesion to the Titanium implant for a...


Furniture for play.

Two Gather

A collaborative project between China and Japan with designer Karl Baxter, this collection takes the simple idea of creating three leg sizes to be used throughout the furniture pieces. Innovation came from the material and manufacturing process; compression moulded, recycled...

Present Biatch

Expanded mesh and steel outdoor collection. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, these baby's will keep you comfortable all year round.

VX 6.5

More speakers for Voca Audio. VX6.5 uses the finest danish drivers and optimized box design to deliver hi-fidelity for those that like audio transparency. Flat frequency response from 42-32,000Hz.


Recycled ship-wood Dining set. Simple, elegant and ecological consideration for the wooden dining experience.

Pot O Cafe

Ceramic and stainless steel coffeepot.